Let us build your website

It is much more than simply creating a few web pages, Media Frenzy Pro will work with you to create a custom web site that is a professional extension and mirror of your business. We will make sure that you are fully satisfied with your web-design before we put it online.

1. How much will my web design project cost?
It is practically impossible to have one price for all web sites.
However, we have a few price ranges that will help you determine the approximate cost to design your web site.

Web design service fees vary from company to company. When shopping around for the right web design company, you might get lured in by cheap quotes and low costs. But, beware, many companies attract more business by offering low quotes, but they eventually add on more costs during, and after the project. Unlike these other web design companies, Media Frenzy Pro offers a fully inclusive quote for your project with no hidden fees so you can maintain your budget.

Different web design styles affect the cost of your project. Costs of designs vary with any web design company, but what matters most is not only getting what you paid for, but getting what you need. When you ask us for a quote we will have a fully inclusive quote ready for you in a few days. This includes: graphic design, programming, initial setup, domain name registration, web hosting, and maintenance fee.

Let us do the hard work…!

For a clean, crisp, simple but yet effective web design* our price start from $500 and could go up to $1200.  More complex websites could be up to $3000 (Various forms, database etc…) All websites include between 20-25 pages, assistance in obtaining the domain name you are looking for, email configuration for the business and web support for one year.

Non-profit organizations

If you have a local non-profit organization
(i.e. – baseball league, soccer team, city sponsored program or church)

please contact us for discounted prices.


What is Web Site Maintenance?

We consider following tasks to belong to maintenance service: Updates to existing content, update to existing design, adding new web pages, removing old web pages, editing images, editing structure of the web site. To cover it all any changes done to the web site as long as half of the web site is not changed. If there is a need to change half or more than half it would be Web Site Redesign, and it would not be covered under website maintenance.

Determining whether you need web site maintenance service?

It is IMPORTANT to say that informational web sites MUST be constantly updated. Why would visitors come back to your site if they will see the same information over and over again? Therefore, updating your web site on regular basis will guarantee returning customers.

Our Web Maintenance Plans and Prices

It should be quite obvious that maintenance is less expensive for web sites that we have developed. Based on that we could create packages for “our” web site and web sites created by others, but to keep our packages simple and understandable we present only three different plans. In addition, price is not the main factor here, our plans are based on what type of work is included in the scope of maintaining your web site. Listed prices are only for approximate orientation.

Maintenance options:

Option 1. Yearly Content Website Maintenance Plan [$29.99/mnthǂ]

This plan covers all textual changes to your existing web site, including adding up to two pages to your existing website.
For customers that have been with Media Frenzy Pro for more than 6 months.

 Option 2. Yearly Design Website Maintenance Plan [$59.99/mnthǂ]

Covers all textual and design changes to your web site. In design changes we consider editing images, adding new pages, removing existing pages and changing layout.

 Option 3. Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance Plan [$50/hour]

 This plan is as simple as it gets, you send us a request, we provide you with an estimate how much it will cost, you agree, and we make the changes and bill you as agreed at the hourly rate of 50 dollars. A minimum of $50 will be charged with this option. 

ǂ prices shown per month, but must be paid upfront for the entire year.